5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break in 2015

5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break in 2015

5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break in 2015

We are basking in the glorious spring sunshine, for the Chinese has just welcomed the arrival of the New Year. And since we are still in the beginning of 2015, we would like to invite you to break some of the unwritten rules and interior taboos this year, as we believe in the old Chinese saying, “If the old doesn’t go away, the new won’t come.”

Thus, toss aside those common decorating myths when revamping your home. Out with the old rules and replace them with these new ones!


  1. Sofa Is Not The Most Important Piece of Furniture

While a sofa will be one of the biggest furniture investments you will make, there is no written rule that a living room even has to have a sofa. You can always experiment with new arrangements, like for example, placing four armchairs around a nice coffee table.


  1. Mix Colours and Patterns

No, there is no reason for you to have matchy-matchy shades and patterns. Feel free to play around with different types of colours and geometry to find a mix of suitable patterns, and therefore make your room look put together and much more intriguing.



  1. Not Every Room Needs a Pop of Colour

Sure everyone loves a dose of bright colour every now and then, however, a room layered in neutrals mixed with the right accessories and furnishings can also create a sensory haven and the same accented impact. Try using metallic instead of a pop of colour to create a relaxed and luxurious feeling.


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  1. Make Small Spaces Exciting

The old rule will always advise you to play it safe in small spaces, such as painting a small room a light colour or use only small furniture. While we agree that light colours do create an airy space, but by painting a wall a dark colour, it gives your small room more depth that creates the illusion of more space. And do not limit your furniture to downsized pieces for the right piece of furniture can actually make a space feel larger and cohesive.


  1. Mix Your Wood Finishes

Just like the above, the days of matching wood furniture sets are over and be gone. An assortment of different wood tones will give your space a custom look that reflects your personal style, in addition to adding depth and character.