Advantages of a Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore.

Advantages of a Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore.

Advantages of a Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore.

You purchase a piece of furniture that looked perfect at the shop. It graces the interior of your home nicely. But when you start putting things on it the shelves bend and warp, to your dismay. That’s okay, you figure.

A few year and a layers of dirt later, you decide to give it a wipe and light wash – only to discover that it was shedding bits of its compacted wood chip frame as the glue holding it together dissolves, literally melting away.

Getting a custom made cabinet in Singapore could be a smart investment choice. There are a number of good reasons why choosing to get a custom made cabinet in Singapore.

From being built to make the best use of the available space in your home or to fit the items you want neatly, finding recommended carpenters in Singapore to build you a custom piece of furniture has advantages.


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Advantages of Getting a Custom Made Cabinet Furniture in Singapore.

Adapted for your living space and needs.

Custom made furniture’s biggest advantage is that it is built with spatial needs in mind. This includes its size, dimensions and appearance. You can also choose the type of materials to be used such as wood, fabrics and colours.

Also, customized functionality can be added to your custom piece – a jewellery display cabinet case, for example, would need to be airtight and have a latch that can be locked.

A book cabinet, on the other hand, may need to have its shelves made higher or wider. This is important in Singapore where homes tend to be small.

Flexibility in Design to Manage Costs.

Depending on the budget of a buyer, a good carpenter in Singapore will be able to design and build furniture with the style and functionality it needs to fit it.

Materials, construction methods and functionality can make a lot of difference in the final pricing, and a good carpenter will know understand these different factors like the back of his hand.

Quality Workmanship.  

A custom made cabinet receives the full attention of a carpenter, who builds to order rather than mass producing to meet a purchase quota.

Plus, because each piece built bears the carpenter’s name and brand they are more likely to put in their best effort that will showcase their craftsmanship skills.

This means that their customers will get the most for their money when choosing to get a custom made cabinet instead of a retail one.

Disadvantages of Custom Made Cabinets Furniture.


Takes Time to Build.

Custom made cabinets are only made as an order is put in. This means that it takes some time before the piece is finished, unlike buying a pre-made which can be brought home immediately after purchase.

Custom furniture is also more expensive and replacing them for any reason is not a decision that’s easy or affordable to make too often.

Can Be Costly.

A custom made cabinet and furniture can be costly if buyers do not keep an eye on the process. For example, they might unwittingly end up requesting special materials which are expensive.

The build-to-order nature of custom made cabinet furniture can also add to the cost.

Not Up to Expectations.

Miscommunication can mean that customers end up with a finished product that doesn’t meet their expectations. This can be especially difficult especially if an original piece isn’t available for reference.


Build Your Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore.

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