How to Care and Clean for Wooden Custom Made Furniture.

How to Care and Clean for Wooden Custom Made Furniture.

How to Care and Clean for Wooden Custom Made Furniture.

Whether soft or hard, wooden furniture are some of the most beautiful pieces you can find in a home. Custom made furniture in Singapore, made by good carpenters, are especially prized although most furniture is utilitarian.

Regardless, proper maintenance and care is important to keep wooden furniture in good condition. No matter how clean your house is your wooden furniture is going to get dirty over time.

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1. Clean wood finishes using warm water, mild soap and a cloth.

Any cloth will do, however special cloths such as microfiber cloths picks up dust better, rather than just spreading it around. Water is a universal solvent and will clean most messes and the mild soap is great for removing oily stains.


2. Protect wood with wax.

This should be done right after cleaning and the wood’s surface is free from dirt and oil. Using a soft shoe brush or cloth, apply a thin layer of wax. After 5 minutes, buff gently with a soft cloth or brush. Repeat this step after 30 to 60 minutes but with more force.


3. Do not expose wooden furniture to direct heat

Always keep wooden furniture out of direct sources of heat, such as strong direct sunlight, stoves, and open grills. High heat can destroy finishes and dry and shrivel wood, causing them to crack.


4. Use matching coloured shoe polish for touch ups.

Small chips and scratches can be safely and decently fixed by applying an appropriate amount of matching shoe polish. To improve the results you can also mark the damaged area first with a similarly matching coloured felt tip marker.


5. Remove water marks with a mild abrasive.

Rub a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and baking soda with a soft cloth to remove stain marks left behind by water, such as wet drinking cups. You can also use a mix of cooking oil and ashes.


6. Contact a specialist if you plan to restore or refurbish wooden furniture.

Restoring old wooden furniture, such old custom made furniture in Singapore, can be tricky business. There are many things to consider – the finish used, the type of wood and its age. Therefore it’s best that you get in touch with a professional wood worker. There are good carpenters in Singapore who can help you.