How To Choose a Good Carpenter in Singapore?

How To Choose a Good Carpenter in Singapore?

How To Choose a Good Carpenter in Singapore?

There are definitely a lot of good carpenters out there who will do a great job. However, it’s impossible not to feel a little apprehensive when push comes to shove when it’s actually time to pick a good carpenter in Singapore.

This is especially true if we are going to engage the services of a carpenter to work on our homes as the quality of their workmanship can either make or break the value of our properties. It’s simply not good enough to find a cheap carpenter in Singapore.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you find yourself a good carpenter who will not completely throw one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.


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Understand what each carpenter specializes in.

Although carpenters all work with wood they might specialize in different styles and jobs which require different skills. There are rough carpenters, finish carpenters as well as repair carpenters so you should  identify what you want done (e.g. custom furniture, walls, staircases, etc.) beforehand so you can pick the right carpenter for the job.


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With different specializations, each carpenter brings with them different skill sets.


References and Portfolio.

References and examples from a carpenter’s work portfolio is probably the best way to find a good carpenter in Singapore. A good carpenter should have a few samples of work that you can inspect to find out more about their skills, workmanship and reliability. Better yet, maybe it’s time to go back to basics: through word of mouth of family, friends and satisfied customers.



It will be wise for you to obtain at least three quotes so that you can get a fair and competitive pricing. However, do make sure to describe in perfect detail the work you need carried out and find out the detailed cost breakdown to avoid hidden additional fees.


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Before you decide on a carpenter, find out if they are offering any guarantees on their workmanship as well as the materials they use. This will save you the worry over additional costs if the carpenter fails to deliver quality work the first time.


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