Overcoming Lack of Space with Custom Carpentry in Singapore

Overcoming Lack of Space with Custom Carpentry in Singapore

Overcoming Lack of Space with Custom Carpentry in Singapore

With the third highest population density in the world and with less land mass than New York City, it’s no wonder that new couples and families living in are turning to custom carpentry in Singapore to address their lack of living space.

The problem has enough of a problem that the Singaporean government has had to step in. Under a new ruling, new suburban private-residential apartments need to be at least 70 square meters. However, the additional space is underwhelming, calling for the need for clever workarounds to solve the problem.


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1. Using Rooms for Multiple Purposes.

Overcoming the “shoebow” issue plaguing the typical homeowner in Singapore calls for ingenious solutions. 

One popular approach is to use a single room for multiple different purposes. Luckily, there’s furniture out there that can be folded and stored vertically when not in use, which are big space-savers. A folding/vertically stored bed is a favourite as it frees up a lot of otherwise wasted space for daytime use.

Rugs and other decorations can also be used to mark points where different parts of the room start and end. Shelves and cabinets are another great option for this.


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2. Converting Bulky Furniture into Additional Storage Space.

Another trick is to use all wasted space for storage purposes. The unused space under the bed or sofa can be put to a great use without adding any extra clutter and making the room feel even smaller.

You can buy plastic bins and use them to store things around the house. They may not be much to look at, but for the low prices they come at it’s a very affordable storage space fix. However, custom carpentry in Singapore is popular because it can be built to your specific needs – plus it won’t look cheap.

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4. Installing Vertical Storage Space.

A lot of vertical space typically goes untapped. One of the quickest ways of getting more vertical space is by installing wall shelves that hover just above standing height. Tables can be built into walls to create room underneath where chairs can be pushed under when not in use.

Bunk beds, while not exactly the image of luxury, are amazing space-savers – that is if you don’t mind sharing the room with others.

Getting custom cabinets that fit exactly to the height of the room is also another textbook method. Just be sure that installation is done right to prevent them coming off and falling on someone!

3. Creating a sense of spaciousness.

Custom carpentry is also perfect for bringing a sense of spaciousness into the room. By using custom-made pieces with compact frames and slim legs, floors and carpets will be more visible, creating an illusion of large open space.

Don’t be afraid if you aren’t exactly sure how a particular piece of furniture should look like. Any reputable carpentry service in Singapore will help you design and create something that will bring plenty of joy into your life and make your whole house or apartment look lovely.

This is a perfect example of how a very modern problem with the lack of living space is solved with old-fashioned trade, which relies on the skill of talented craftsmen and designers.


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