Hammers – Tools Used by the Best Carpenters in Singapore.

Hammers – Tools Used by the Best Carpenters in Singapore.

Hammers – Tools Used by the Best Carpenters in Singapore.

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Hammers are surely the most iconic woodworking tools used by the best carpenters in Singapore. Professional carpenters use a variety of specialized hammers that come in different length and weight.

They are essential for most forms of woodwork from kitchen carpentry to custom furniture. Let’s take a look at three kinds of hammers that are found in all the best carpenters in Singapore use:


i) Framing Hammers

Comprising a metal head and wooden (or fiberglass) handle, framing hammers feature a metal head with a single claw on its back, a long handle and a little extra heft (0.6 to 0.9kg).

The heads of framing hammers are “milled face” (an uneven face surface) that allows it to grip nails better. This added mechanical leverage and grip face makes framing hammers the ideal tool for quickly driving nails into wood or removing those that get bent.

However, the added length and weight makes it unwieldy and thus more imprecise making it unsuited for trimming work, which is the fine work needed to fully drive nails into place – missing the nail during trimming is undesirable as the framing hammer’s milled face will bite into the wood surface and damage it.

best carpenters in singapore - framing hammer

Framing Hammer (Luigi Zanasi, Wikipedia)


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ii) Trim Hammers

Not to be confused with masonry trimming hammers, carpentry trim hammers (a.k.a. finish hammers), are lighter (0.56kg at most) and shorter than a framing hammer. They feature a smooth head face (sometimes with a titanium finish) fixed to a short wooden handle.

Trimming hammers are used to finish the work of the framing hammer by driving nails firmly into place with minimal risk of damage to the wood surface. The combination of a trimming hammer and framing hammer is sufficient for most carpentry purposes.

best carpenters in singapore - trimming hammer

Trimming Hammer (Pixabay)


iii) Mallets and Sledgehammers

Carpenters rely on the softer and broader heads of mallets that spread the force of impact over a wider area. Wooden mallets are used to knock wooden pieces together, drive dowels and chisels, as well as move framed walls or beams into place without damaging the struck objects.

Rubber mallets are used to force tight-fitting pieces together, make fine adjustments to the position of soft plasterboard and working with upholstery.

If necessary, a sledgehammer can also be used to help shift heavier or more rigid walls and beams into place. Typically the heads of sledgehammers weigh about 1 to 3kg with a handle measuring 50cm up to a metre long. Sledgehammers are also useful for breaking things apart.

best carpenters in singapore - mallet

Wooden Mallet (Wikipedia)


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