What Tools Do Good Carpenters in Singapore Use?

What Tools Do Good Carpenters in Singapore Use?

What Tools Do Good Carpenters in Singapore Use?

Like anywhere else, good carpenters in Singapore put their stock in understanding the best woodworking techniques, old or new, to ply their trade. Of course, all the knowledge in the world is useless without the proper materials to work with, and that includes tools. Although carpenters today rely heavily on power tools and automation, there are many other tools that carpenters use. Let’s explore some of them!

1. Tape Measures.

Accurate measurements are what separate the amateurs from the pros (not saying that amateurs are bad, merely a figure of speech) and tape measures are still the best tools for the job. Popular with carpentry contractors in Singapore, tape measures come in a variety of lengths, but 25’ is probably the most popular.

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Tape measures are inexpensive but are highly accurate and easy to use. While tape measures do come in 100’, this simple tool isn’t as well suited to measuring large measurements as newer tools are, such as ultrasonic range finders and lasers. Small tape measures (e.g. 3’) are the perfect pocket tool that can be used to measure small amounts of materials on the go.

2. Carpentry Squares.

These tools are essentially two rules joined together at the ends to form precise 90 degree angles. Carpentry squares are used to quickly put angles on anything that requires it.  There are four main types used;

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i) Framing square

Commonly used for laying out stair stringers and roof framing.

ii) Speed square

Used to mark framing lumber and other materials.

iii) Combination square

Has a 90 degree angle marker as well as a 45 degree one. Also used as a level.

iv) Try-square.

The simplest form of carpentry square. Does not possess measurement markings of any sort and is used to quickly ‘try’ the angle of a work piece.

3. Power Tools.

Speed with precision is only possible with the use of modern power tools. Powerful and relatively easy to use, no production carpentry service is complete without them. However, these monsters can be dangerous if not used properly, so it’s best to get some professional help if you’re planning on using one!

i) Circular Saw.

The circular saw is an essential tool that is capable of cutting through a wide variety of materials, including wood, masonry, plastics and even iron. They rely on the circular cutting action of its teeth which are made of hardened metal or abrasive wheel. Circular saws are in no way gentle, however, and it’s usually necessary to polish away the burrs it leaves behind with sandpaper.

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ii) Power Drill.

Power drills are capable of boring holes into a variety of materials depending quickly and accurately. These tools typically consists of a tungsten carbide drill bit (head) that is powered by an electrically powered motor and is operated by holding it in a pistol-grip and squeezing a trigger-switch.

Some power drills, such as the cordless drill, provide a dual-purpose. At low power, cordless drills can be used to drive screws into a variety of material without damaging the screws or working surface. Good carpenters in Singapore would never leave home without one!


[Stay tuned for Part Two, “What Other Tools Will You Find in a Carpenter Workshop in Singapore?” next month]


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